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We partner with our clients to create visual marketing resources to ensure their success.




We make websites that are easy to update for users, and simple to navigate for visitors. All of our websites are responsive for a variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

Easy user interface, responsive, WordPress


Our photography is crafted through active engagement with our clients and the end use in mind. We are well versed in advertising, editorial, product and fine art documentation style imagery.

Commercial, fine art documentation, aerial


If you need it, we can design it. We believe in a modern and well-organized aesthetic and pride ourselves in helping our clients communicate with a clear and effective voice.

Logo, business materials, brochures, trade show design, publication layout

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Design Process

The hard truth is that nobody is good at everything. We all have areas that we’re passionate about, have a wealth of knowledge in and are naturally talented at. We also all have areas that we don’t care much for, know very little about and have little to no aptitude for.

When a new client walks through our doors, we know a couple of things: first, this person is probably passionate about something we know very little about; second, this person probably feels like they don’t have an interest or knowledge about design to the same degree that we do. Our passion, skills and talents are in helping small businesses’ design and aesthetic accurately reflect the passion, skill and talents they have in their respective industry.

Every project is unique, because every client is unique.

Since each project and client are unique, we have to come up with a unique process for each project, and we pride ourselves on working with each client to come up with a process that fits into the way they do business. That being said, there are a few general steps that we always go through.


Research is possibly the most important part of any project we take on—it’s also often the most overlooked. In order to create an aesthetic that accurately represents our clients to their customers we have to understand them both. We research our clients’ industries, their customer demographics, their geographic locations, industry and local trends, as well as many other pieces of information to get a clear picture of who our clients and their customers are.

Once we have this data, we are able to make informed choices before we start pushing pixels around on a computer screen. It is vital to the success of the final project. Thorough research not only leads to a better overall solution, it saves time and money.


The goal of design is to create a strong structure in order to best organize and present an idea or message. Once we have defined the problem, we can begin to work together to create a solution. Since we have already done the leg work, solutions start to become very clear. Depending on our client’s needs, we will present a selection of concepts specifically designed to answer whatever creative problem they have.


The final and most rewarding part of the creation process is the release of the final product. Whether that is an identity package, a shiny new website, or a slick promotional video; it is exciting to put a new creation out in the world and watch it flourish. This stage also includes whatever tools you need in order to be successful. Depending on your project, this could be help with ordering your new business cards, tutorial videos and log-in information to your new site, or a flash drive with a newly rendered video file on it.

Client List


  • Dale Chihuly
  • Etsuko Ichikawa
  • Joseph Rossano
  • Lanny Bergner
  • Peregrine O’Gormley
  • Raven Skyriver
  • Steve Klein

Arts & Culture

  • Centre of Indigenous Nutrition and Environment
  • Experience Music Project
  • Pilchuck Glass School
  • Southwest Art Magazine


  • Anacortes School District
  • Northwest Educational Service District
  • Walla Walla University
  • Washington State University


  • Pelican Bay Books
  • Untide Records
  • Watermark Book Co.
  • The Business

Film & Documentary

  • Kirby Ferguson
  • Tower Films


  • Anacortes Chamber of Commerce
  • Anacortes Public Library
  • City of Anacortes
  • Port of Skagit
  • Samish Indian Nation


  • Integra Group
  • Island Hospital
  • Pacific Northwest Vascular Society
  • Skagit NW Orthopedics
  • Skagit Radiology
  • Island Optometry

Industrial/Real Estate

  • Curtis Gelotte Architects
  • Dakota Creek Industries
  • Gilbane Development / San Juan Passage
  • Gracious Living Interiors
  • KPFF Consulting Engineers, Seattle
  • North Coast Iron Corp.
  • Strandberg Construction
  • Windermere Realestate


  • Canflex
  • Clearsnap
  • LiteAir
  • Ockerman Automation
  • Ryonet Corporation

Marketing & Media

  • BrandStrategy, Inc.
  • Sound Publishing
  • JAL Communication Services
  • Tennis Magazine


  • Anacortes Arts Festival
  • Fidalgo Dance Works
  • Island Hospital Foundation
  • Skagit Symphony
  • Soroptimist International of Anacortes
  • Sustainable Connections


  • Bunnies by the Bay
  • Tides of Anacortes


  • Adrift Restaurant
  • A'Town Bistro
  • Bacon & Eggs
  • Colville Street Patisserie
  • Pita J's


It's not only the quality of the work they provide, but they are easy to communicate with and fun! The friendship that we have built over time is priceless. I highly recommend Lisa and Peter to work with.

Etsuko Ichikawa

Hiring ACME Creative means we have a whole team of amazingly creative minds working to support our business.

Colleen Craig

Peter Kuhnlein creatives magic from every background and puts people instantly at ease with humor and kindness. Fidalgo Dance Works is so lucky to have such a fabulous partnership with ACME Creative.

Julie Wenzel, Fidalgo DanceWorks

Island Hospital has worked with ACME Creative for more than four years. Their team has elevated the quality and creativity of our photography. Working in a hospital setting requires flexibility with scheduling and sensitivity to patient information, and the staff at ACME have been great about understanding the importance of these.

Barb LeDuc, Island Hospital

ACME has been a great partner in the school district's strategic communications. They are responsive and driven to meet customers' needs. And the quality of photos we get from Peter makes all of our publications pop!

Mark Wenzel, Superintendent Anacortes School District

Awesome, awesome, and more awesome. I was really hesitant to try a new graphic design/web build team. I loved my old team so much, and I'd been through a ton of flakes and con artists before I found them. But my old team didn't get my vision for my new business. They straight out admitted it. Adam and Alan were highly recommended by someone who had worked with them, but on a totally different kind of project. So with very little enthusiasm I slumphed into their office. And within the time it took them to make me a perfectly brewed Americano, I knew they were going to do great things.

We started by talking about brand identity. And they were right on it. Then, they made a few suggestions for cleaning up my logo a bit, which was refreshing because I'd been trough several incarnations of it with several artists, and I still didn't love it. They hit it right on on the first try.

Why they're great? They work fast, they deliver on time, they're not bothered by questions and a little bit of indecision, they give you a quote for the work before they start and they deliver on budget. Plus they're super pleasant and easy going guys.

The website they built for me was just what I wanted, and I think it's spectacular! My business cards are so good they stop conversations when I hand them to someone. What more could you ask for?

I live in Seattle, and it was totally worth the one trip to Anacortes to meet with them once. Everything else was done remotely and effortlessly.

Kandice Kelly